Since 2020, we wish to go further in our environmental commitment by participating in the reforestation of the territory.
Trees play a key role in the face of climate change by storing CO2 and releasing O2.
In partnership with the Duramen association, we are committed to planting a tree for each product sold.


The Duramen association’s vision is to mitigate the repercussions of global warming on ecosystems, to create a renewable natural resource that will generate jobs and strengthen biodiversity.

It selects the projects through its scientific and technical committee and according to several criteria:

  • Carbon additionality.
  • Environmental and silvicultural relevance.
  • Diversity of species.
  • The project must then include a minimum surface area of ​​1 ha and bring added value to the forest.

The association’s ethics committee then ensures that the projects respect sensitive areas (poor soil, areas at risk for biodiversity, around waterways, etc.).

Once the project has been selected, aid payments can be made as follows:

  • The aid paid may not exceed 80% of the cost of the work (cutting income deducted) within the limit of € 2,000 / ha or equivalent.
  • 75% of the aid is paid upon signature of the contract.
  • 25% remaining of aid, after 4 years if the project is successful.

The beneficiary of the aid will then have several commitments to respect: have a sustainable management document for his forest, certify his forest, traceability of eligible expenditure, etc.).


In 2015, biologist Thomas Crowther first counted the number of trees on the planet and came to a figure of 3,000 billion, or about 422 trees per capita.

According to a new study by ETH-Zürich in Switzerland in July 2019, it would be possible to add 1,000 billion trees on the planet, which would absorb 205 gigatons of CO2 and reduce by 25% the rate of CO2 in the atmosphere over the next 40-100 years if we plant the right trees in the right places.

It is good to note that this is a realistic scenario and that these 1 trillion trees will not take over agricultural land which is used today. Rather, it is abandoned or degraded land.

We agree, reforestation plays an essential role in the fight against global warming, provided it is carried out well in the long term, but it will not be enough to overcome it!

It is not only planting trees that will prevent global warming, we also need to change our lifestyles and consumption patterns to limit future negative impacts on the environment.

Together we can make a difference, so let’s wait no longer! Let’s engage in eco-responsible acts and participate in the restoration of our planet.

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