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Thylacine presents “Roads” at La Laiterie Strasbourg

Thylacine presents “Roads” at La Laiterie Strasbourg

Thylacine, also known as the marsupial wolf or Tasmanian wolf, was extinct until the arrival of William Rezé. Powerful electro music, lively and emotional.

For the little story, it is in 2012, driven by a need of freedom, that Thylacine is born. Saxophonist since his six years in the conservatory of Angers followed by jazz, improvisation and various groups, William now offers electronic music rich in his travels and his emotions.

After his first album Transsiberian, released in 2015, recorded and composed during a trip aboard the Trans-Siberian, Thylacine offers us this year a new album fully developed aboard a caravan Airstream dating from 1972 and transformed into a recording studio (just that…).

First date of his tour: La Laiterie in Strasbourg. Good opportunity to discover this new « show ».

We were informed that his lives, accompanied by Laetitia Bely’s graphic projections, were pure wonders, but sincerely, we were beautifully blown away. We tell you everything !

Jaffna, an electronic music duo (also present on the label Intuitive Records created by Ruben Elbase and William Rezé) frankly well launched the evening with an electro music carried by their identity and their culture, we explain ourselves !

Bravin, a Sri Lankan classical pianist and Stan, a French conductor, have come together for their interest in electronic music. Between them, they account for no less than four cultures and origins: French, German, English and Sri Lankan.

Believe it, it felt during a live that lasted about 40 mins (36 to be precise) and that we have offered voluptuously catchy pieces… To be clear and avoid « twisted » terms : voluptuous (relaxing) by the presence of voices placed in sound and catchy layers by the presence of synth arpegiators, all deposited a well-constructed rhythmic base.

After 20 minutes break, that’s it! The Thylacine concert begins. (We will mention some songs but promised, we will not give you the complete sequence of live ! Unless you ask us…)

The live begins so smoothly with the song “4500M” adapted in a instrumental version, enough to get quiet legs without much rush. The songs are linked with the flagship songs of this new album (honored tonight, let’s remember it) until … Piany Pianino !! (Piece present on the album Transsiberian).

At the end of the track, Mr. Rezé allows himself a little break of percussions to remind us the joys of live. Note also the small friendly transition between Volver and Piany Pianino (both present on 2 different albums).

After that, he continues with another key piece of “The Road” (we will not say which one) then …. He’s starting again !! Break of percussion to link with “Train”. Much too twists in a short time for our little hearts but nothing to complain about, only pleasure.

The live continues and balances between old calm songs like “Dad” and other more recent and dynamic ones like “War Dance” to end with, in reminder, the piece “Home” which will have almost pushed him to asphyxia to blow in his saxophone.

To conclude and don’t say too much (if you want to go to one of his lives … and we advise you), Thylacine gave us an excellent performance live, rich in emotions and full of rebound, leaving also appear some emotions during the concert.

He alternated between softness and energy while remaining in emotion and sensational. A true performance worthy of an artist rising from the French electronic scene.


If you do not know Thylacine yet and love to hear stories in music, discover it live, it’s really worth a look ! If you already know him and you hesitate, do not hesitate, take your places as long as they are affordable because in our opinion, he has every chance to win at the front of the French stage.

Discover his musical universe with our Spotify playlist and the link to his Soundcloud.

And to follow his story on Instagram, it’s here !