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Focus On La Fine Equipe


Focus On La Fine Equipe

La Fine Equipe, beyond the strict barriers of musical genres.

La Fine Equipe is a French group of beatmakers composed by Oogo, Chomsky, Blanka et Mr Gib, originally from Marseille and Paris.

Without limits of styles since 2008, they elaborate compositions demonstrating an excellent technical mastery.

They have lot of varied influences, resulting from the musical appreciations from each one ! Among them are artists like Kaytranada, Flying Lotus or J-Dilla.

First opus of a trilogy, “La Boulangerie 1” marks the official birth of LFE. The project consist of 37 tracks articulated around audio extracts of old movies, already showing a very singular vision of Hip Hop.

Fantastic Planet” will follow in 2010, a project made with Mattic (Wax Tailor) marking the beginning of “Nowadays Records” (label created by Chomsky and Oogo). Many artists signed with the label such as Fakear, Clement Bazin, Jumo, Douchka, Everydayz.

It is also by collaborating with some of them that LFE will realize “La Boulangerie 2” (2011) and “La Boulangerie 3” (2014).

Since then, the group has produced various projects of different styles and inspirations with, for example the EP “Gremlins” oriented dark and authentic Hip-Hop. And, at the opposite, the EP “Lov for Eva” which is more groovy and oriented Dance music.

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of “La Boulangerie” in 2018, LFE offered us the collector’s box “La Boulangerie (Back Burners)” 15 unreleased tracks… For our greatest pleasure !

Recently, the four beatmakers have once again hit hard with heavy tracks… We think in particularly of “5th Season”, produced with Fakear or “What Eva” which, meanwhile, plug us into a Old School Hip-Hop style.

To finally release on February 12 : “Typical Boy”, a good big mix of House, RbN Hip Hop as we like it !!

Their live’s performances are worth a look !

No mixing via USB, without interest. Their performances are real and striking. So if you have the opportunity to go to one of their show, go for it ! You will find the schedule of their new “5th Season” tour one Facebook and Instagram.

We had the chance to listen to the new album… Prepare yourself for a fantastic mix of Hip-Hop, sampling, electronica, French Touch, alternative rap, Latin Sounds and Jazz…

“If homogeneity is the new trend, La Fine Equipe isn’t ready to sacrifice its wishes to fit the mould.”

Release scheduled for April 19… Stay Tuned !


Now you know that La Fine Equipe, it’s 4 monstrous beatmakers who deserve to be listened to and seen. Whether you like Hip-Hop, Dance, Electro, … their technical prowess and their groove will seduce you.

Now, discover their musical universe with our Spotify playlist and Soundcloud.

Good listening !

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