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Focus On Jesper Ryom

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Focus On Jesper Ryom

Soft and rhythmic music seeking to provoke in us a feeling of daydream or melancholy.

Jesper Ryom is a Danish producer and DJ of electronic music, House, Deep House and Downtempo (among others…).

Actually, the extent of his musical universe doesn’t stop with these three music’s styles. Still unknown by the general public, this young artist with his singular artistic sensibility offer a soft and rhythmic music seeking to provoke in us a feeling of daydream or melancholy.

Its story begins in the suburbs of a small port city of the North of Denmark. From an early age, Jesper was already experimenting with music of a Casio keyboard toy. As a teenager, he was attracted to guitar and Rock’n’Roll what brought him to sing in all kinds of brands.

Captivated by all that could produce a sound, the real turning point in his musical apprenticeship took place when he discovered the world of electronic music. In 2010, he settled on a small Danish island with for one purpose only to work on his music and so devote himself completely to the House music.

After gaining experience on several projects, a first EP called “Syvsover” was released in 2013 under the German label Freude Am Tanzen. Some of these tracks are already at the limit of the masterpiece like Viewpoint and Ghostly.

Then followed the EP “Aviator” released in 2014 under the label of the excellent La Fleur, Power Plant Records“. We discover a real wonder, “Apolune”, offering a lunar show composed of samples of saxophone, a bewitching piano, a catchy bass and feminin intoxicating  vocals.

Also on track N°3, an excellent House remix of “Aviator” realized by the founder of the label.

Return of the Danish in March 2017 with the single “Pacer”. Faithful to its author, this piece composed of samples , saxophone and piano is a perfectly balanced mix between rhythmic and planning melodies.

This last single confirms the potential of Jesper Ryom and places him even more hope for becoming a great House’s artist.


Jesper Ryom seems to be in excellent shape to become a major House artist bringing a fresh and poetic breath. We hope now to see more in festival, artist to follow very closely !

Good listening !

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