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25th Anniversary of the Time Warp

25th Anniversary of the Time Warp

Time Warp is an electronic music festival created in 1994 on the other side of the Rhine in Ludwigshafen. Several editions are organized every year in the world (Brazil, Argentina, USA, Netherlands) but the edition not to be missed is the edition of Mannheim.

19 hours (19h-14h) of electronic music orchestrated by the biggest names on the international scene (Carl Cox, Charlotte Witte, Len Faki, Amelie Lens, Pan-Pot, Nina Kraviz, Laurent Garnier, etc). Honestly, every name deserves to be quoted considering the quality of the line up.

Line Up

A chance for us, the festival is only 1:15 from Strasbourg (France).

We went on our own but note that different bus have made the shuttle from different cities in France and Europe. Prudent, economical and advantageous solution provided you are ready to stay all the event.

A large number of nationalities were present : Germans, French, Swiss, Belgians, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and so on … All together to take part in this huge time distortion the time of “a night.

Arrived directly at 19h, we did not have to wait long to return, about 15 minutes.

The staff at the entrance was efficient, several queues, a ticket controller and a security officer for each of them. Everything was planned to avoid unnecessary waste of time. A simple body search, a quick check of the backpack and we had entered.


What does the Maimarkt (festival place) look like ?

Festival Plan

7 scenes are located on both sides of a central alley. Scenes 1 and 2 share a metal structure while the rest of the installations are divided between several large arbours.

Several bars/refreshments and stalls are distributed throughout the site.

Can not buy directly in euros, only accepted currency, the token (internal currency to the festival), exchangeable in the stands allocated for this purpose.

Trouble in the early evening: impossible to get paid by credit card. Only solution, withdraw money at the one-stop accessible at the place, located at the entrance. As much as you say an hour and a half was necessary to reach the ATM, the time of a set ! The problem was solved pretty quickly around 9pm.

Let’s get down to the facts, let’s talk about music !

Carl Cox

Overall, the sound systems were of excellent quality, nothing wrong.

Scenes 1 and 2 were the most impressive and most elaborate on the level of light shows (see photos below).

Photo Scene 1
Photo Scene 2

Despite a complicated access to the scene 1 which was too overloaded for our taste, we still could enjoy the sets of Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, and Amélie Lens. True to themselves, everyone offered us a quality set. Techno rhythm and Tribe as he knows how to do for Adam Beyer. Techno and acid house with a tip of House for Carl Cox and big techno for Amélie Lens.

Scene 2 was more accessible in some places but still remained well attended throughout the evening. Not really surprising given the artists present … We could enjoy an excellent set of Boris Brejcha, minimal techno groovy trend (“High Tech Minimal), his trademark. Pan-Pot offered us a dark and melodious techno and Sven Vath, a set with varied sonorities deep, tech, minimal … a pure regale. To finish on this stage, Solomun presented a good big Techno-oriented house set for the event.

For those who want to take a look at all this, you will find some videos of the performances of scenes 1 and 2 here.

Photo Scene 7

I’m not going to dwell on each of the sets that we attended, overall, each artist remained true to himself. On all the scenes we could see Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones, Joseph Capriati, Adriatic, Kölsch, Monika Kruse, Ricardo Villalobos and Craig Richards and finally Soul.

The live Soul was our favorite of the evening! Rhythm and Groovy while keeping the spirit Techno/House of the event, a lot of twists, variations of intensity … a real treat !

Honestly, it was hard to see all the desired artists despite timing optimization.


To conclude, great event overall. A real festival as we like them. Huge sets throughout the evening and unique lights that are worth seeing.

Compared to what we had heard from previous editions, an effort was made at the organization level (toilets cleaned during the evening and efficiency level service).

However, prices are still a little too high. At the same time, such a line up has a price …

So, if you want to get there, prepare yourself at the highest level line up, cash and energy, you will need to enjoy a maximum.

Discover the musical atmosphere of the festival by listening to the official playlist of the event !
Good listening.